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  • Reliable Airport Transfers

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24 X 7 Perth Taxi Reservations
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Bike/Fishing Rod/Surfboard
Golf Bags
Pet Transfers
Luggage Assistance
Fully Comprehensive Insurance
No Surge : Fixed Fare
Professional Perth Drivers


Luxury Private Taxi: A Comfort Ride at Your Service

In today’s world, the lifestyle we live in is luxurious, comfortable and everyone wants to travel in style. Thanks to the evolving technology and innovative minds! With comfort being a preference for many, the evolving need for a luxury Private taxi is evident today. People prefer the luxury of booking a private taxi rather than taking public transport. That’s because private taxis are safe, comfortable, and easily accessible.

Remember the times when you actually had to wait hours to get a leisure ride around the city? Well, the scenario now has changed with MaxiPortBees offering luxury taxi Perth services so you can stay stress free. You can pre-book our services and wait for our professional chauffeurs to greet you at your doorstep.

In our luxury private taxi, the two things we focus on are – Comfort and safety. Now, book a private taxi and ride along with your friends to your ideal destination, be it sightseeing, or to a party downtown.

Besides, traveling in style has never been this affordable! Now, appear at your wedding in the wedding car Perth and travel in style while enjoying these precious moments. Because a comfortable and lavish ride is the secret to woo your guests!

Things We Do To Make Our Customers Happy.

With our luxury Private taxi services, we intend to lure customers who have an eye for the most delicate things in life or want to travel in style whether it is their everyday clothing or a taxi ride. Hence, we are happy to go the extra mile and serve our customers with quality service, which gives them value for their money and stress free journey.

Along these lines, these are a few key features of luxury chauffeur service Perth that customers will get surely to travel in style.

  • Luxurious vehicles- Travel in style.

Our fleet of VIP charter vehicles are always at your service should you need one instantly. We have a range of taxis under our name to help customers with various needs. Hence, whether it is a 4-seater taxi or a 13-seater, we have got you covered.

  • Option to Pre-book a chauffeur service.

Customers can avail of the option to pre-book luxury private taxi and ensure to schedule a ride for their essential engagements. With us, you will always be prepared to reach places on time.

  • Value for money

Our private chauffeur service Perth isn’t just luxurious but adds value for money at affordable rates so that you travel in style and pay less. Besides, you don’t have to be on a ride with uncertainty because of fixed rates. Customers can also choose to pay in advance for the ride they take.

  • Well-groomed chauffeurs.

We understand luxury isn’t all about the vehicle but the ride as well. The potent and experienced chauffeur of luxury Private taxi makes it possible for us to travel in style. They not only help our customers reach safely but greet them with a smile and enthusiasm but also provide the best chauffeur service. They are happy to help with the loading and unloading of luggage too so that our customers can have a better experience.

  • Timely pickup and drop-offs

Time is of the essence, and our customer’s word is equivalent to our word. With this anthem in mind, our VIP charter vehicles appear at your location before time. We try our best to take short and safe routes so that you can reach your destination on time.

  • Easy accessibility

With our fleet of luxury private taxi spread across Western Australia, we can reach you in the minimum time possible.

  • Insured vehicles

Our luxury taxi Perth vehicles are insured and have public liability insurance catering to our passenger’s safety.

  • Round the clock support

Every business no matter how exemplary their service is, it has to have a support team working 24×7 to meet customer grievances and answer queries should the need arise so. Therefore, MaxiPortBees too has a support team working round the clock for our luxury private taxi with chauffeur service.

With such key features, we keep our customers happy and satisfied. They can enjoy themselves in our luxury maxi private taxi rides comfortably and stress free.

Because we have got your ride covered!

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