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Our Services

FIFO / Airport Transfers

We offer luxurious and safe airport pickup and airport transfer services in Perth. Our team tracks your flight for any delays or early arrivals in order ensure prompt service. We also offer charter and taxi to Perth airport wherever you are in the city.

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Baby Seat

We accept customers with extra luggage like Surfboard, Bike and Fishing rods. MaxiPortBees is also known as a Perth’s charter and taxi service that provides baby capsules or baby seats for your child’s safety and convenience.

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Maxi Cab

Hire our Wedding Day Guest Pick up Service and let your guest enjoy your wedding without worrying about transportation. As a maxi van Perth taxi, MaxiPortBees will be able to provide comfort to your guests and proper luggage assistance. 

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Tours & Excursions

We provide taxi services for your tours and excursions. We aim to deliver the greatest holiday experience by bringing you to wonderful sites in Perth. Avail of our maxi van Perth taxi so that you’ll have all the space you need when you visit the wonderful place of Perth.

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Luxury Private Taxi

We provide reliable and affordable students pick up & drop off services in various Schools and Universities throughout Perth. Call a taxi or book a taxi through our website and we will make sure that your children are safe with us. We have taxis in Aubin Grove, Hammon Park, Success, Spearwood and more.

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Airport Transfer

Arrive to your School Ball in luxurious taxi’s. We provide charter and taxi services for School Balls as well as other formal events. Our maxi van Perth taxi can accommodate you and your friends and bring you wherever you like. 

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