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Making Your Payments More Convenient With Cabcharge.

Cabcharge is an ideal facility for staff who are frequent travelers like a Senior Manager, Sales Executive, FIFO workers, etc. This personalized card is issued to staff to help them save on cost and time. With no annual fee and ease in use, Cabcharge becomes one of the most preferred payment options for employees with frequent travel patterns. 

It helps the company track down their employee’s travel in taxi and eventually reduces cost via automated ATO approved receipts. Besides, passengers find it convenient as they don’t have to carry petty cash and think about reimbursing it, each time they hire a taxi. Cabcharge is a unique in-built plastic card that is issued to the employees by their business. The staffs who are issued with such cards are the ones who have to travel from time to time like airline passengers, consultants, etc. Intending to serve all such customers, MaxiPortBees has included Cabcharge as a payment option.

Customers don’t have to remind themselves of the petty cash as they can quickly pay using their Cabcharge card. It is convenient and quick for customers who ride with us in our fleet of taxis.

Cabcharge – In a Nutshell

The concept of the Cabcharge payment account was first introduced in the year 1976 to eliminate or reduce the payment for taxis by cash means. It provided customers with a more accessible alternative to cash in the form of Cabcharge cards.

With over 40 years of experience in the evolution of payment methods via non-cash means, Cabcharge came up with Australia’s first Electronic Funds Transfer Service in 2008 for taxis and cabs.

Understanding the benefits extended by this Australian company, we have included these cards in our services to provide customers with a portable and comfortable means for taxi payments.

Cabcharge extends a physical plastic (credit-card like) card which can be used at EFTPOS (Electronic funds transfer point of sale) with a single tap or swipe. It functions similarly to a credit card as the amount transacted using a Cabcharge card gets added to your line of credit.

Further, there is a bill generated at the end of the month, which you will have to pay. This makes the process easier for customers. And hence, we at MaxiPortBees ensure our fleet of vehicles are equipped with EFTPOS so that customers find paying for the ride convenient.

How to book with Cabcharge as a payment method?

We allow you to pay for your ride in multiple ways so that you don’t feel bound to pay using a method that is inconvenient to you. Since many customers around Perth prefer paying using Cabcharge, we have included this payment method as well.

Here’s how you can choose it as your payment method.

  • From our website, fill-up the form to get your quote or book our cabs with all the necessary information.
  • Once you are headed to the payment section, choose Cabcharge as the payment option.
  • After you take a ride in our cab, you will have to provide your payment card to the driver at the end of the ride.
  • Our fleet of vehicles has EFTPOS installed, which helps us receive the payment using your card.

Advantages of using Cabcharge.

  • You don’t have to carry cash or wait for the driver to return change.
  • You don’t need to pay cash immediately as the bill is generated at the end of the month.
  • With payment using Cabcharge card inside our cabs, -5% processing fee is levied on the fare.
  • It is easy to attain petty cash reimbursement by riding in a taxi with Cabcharge.

Now that you are aware of how Cabcharge works and its benefits take the right decision in choosing your payment method when you ride with us. We have included Cabcharge as a payment method to elevate our customer’s experience. Now, it is up to your need and comforts to choose Cabcharge as a payment mean.  

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