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Are you looking for an adventurous but sophisticated destination for your next vacation? Are you in search for the ultimate holiday experience where you can explore the outdoors and still be in the comfort of your city? Well, Perth is the perfect place for you.

City of Perth

Go and visit Perth

The lush environment, the sandy beaches and the bustling city will surely entice you to go and explore Perth on your next visit to Australia. Perth is the capital city of Western Australia with over 2.2 million residents as of 2017. It borders the Indian Ocean and is located along the Swan River which runs along the plains of the region. It is a city surrounded by fresh water and abundant greenery, making it friendly for an outdoor kind of lifestyle. With Perth’s vast land area and its many ports and harbours, this destination surely caters to all who want to experience the city through indoor sojourn or outdoor explorations.


MaxiPortBess offer tour services to Perth-Fremantle, Swan Valley and Margaret River

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If you are looking for a place where you can play outside until the sun sets, Perth is the ideal location for you. Some people claim that Perth is the world’s sunniest capital with an average of 737.5 mm rainfall per year. As the capital of Western Australia, Perth is a bustling city where land meets water and where people reap the benefits of being close to both places.

Kings Park stands in the middle of the city occupying one thousand acres of land where people get to enjoy their time with family and friends after a day’s hard work. It houses the Botanic Garden, the May Drive Parkland and the Bushland among many. Tourists also flock this place because it gives them a scenic view of the city especially when you are on the Tree Top Walk and when you climb the DNA Tower. Aside from these, Kings Park is also home to the Aboriginal Art Gallery and Memorials—particularly the State War Memorial, Bail Memorial and the Edith Dircksey Cowan Memorial—commemorating the history and culture of Australia.

Indulge in some sweet shopping at Kings Street. Walk the cobalt road and view the different shops housed in colourful architectural buildings lining the area. Stop at Elizabeth Quay and appreciate the Swan River as you enjoy the lights and water show. Appreciate the local scene at Perth’s Cultural Center and the many galleries that line the city. And before you leave, make sure to explore beyond the city centre to enjoy great cuisines at Victoria Park, Beaufort Street, South Perth and more.



Fremantle is a port city in Western Australia where the Swan River meets the Indian Ocean. Just less than an hour from Perth, Fremantle is the next destination for those who want to explore the water. But aside from this, Fremantle is also a busy town with various activities happening all over the place.

First and foremost, Fremantle is home to the Fishing Boat Harbour and Western Australia’s Maritime Museum. In this place, you can check out the shipwreck gallery and see the remnants of real ships that have sunk near the harbour, among many features. Aside from these, WA Maritime Museum is also home to iconic ships that sailed under the Australian flag, particularly the Australia II and Parry Endeavour.

Visit the historic Fremantle Prison, a UNESCO World Heritage Site filled with historical and cultural testaments of the past. Fremantle Prison or Convict Establishment is former prison established for housing convicts excommunicated from Britain during the late 19th century. Today, this prison serves as a heritage museum for Western Australia. They are open to the public for tours and are even open to venue hiring for gallery exhibits.

Other sites to see in Fremantle include the Fremantle Arts Center, Esplanade Reserve, Davis Park and more. Take a swim in South Beach, Bathers Beach, Port Beach and Leighton Beach. But before you leave, pass by Fremantle Market so that you can bring home fresh seafood and delicious fruits to your family.



The Swan River is home to a complex environmental system which enabled farmers to grow crops in the coastal areas.This farming system made Swan Valley possible. Today, Swan Valley is known as Western Australia’s oldest wine growing region and food source.

Take a stroll along the water banks and see the famous black swans of the river. Ride a kayak or go on a cruise in Swan River to reach the Swan Valley and its many vineyards and breweries. At Swan Valley, you can walk the trail, ride a bike or catch a lift in a horse-drawn wagon. Spend time with your family at the Whiteman Park and then allow your kids to roam around and play at the Caversham Wildlife Park. Visit the art galleries and bring home a souvenir from the shopping centre. But most importantly, take a tour of the many vineyards that Swan Valley boasts about.

Explore the Swan Valley region, taste age-old wine and enjoy the aroma of freshly roasted coffee. As the wine growing region of the country, the Swan Valley is home to many vineyards and some breweries. Both locals and tourists enjoy the place not only because of the warm aroma and the sweet taste that it leaves behind after your visit. Walk in the vineyards and pick your share of local crops. Learn more from the experts and see how these crops are transformed to your favourite drinks. Take time to savour the sweet aroma of vintage wine and taste the fresh roast of brewed coffee. And lastly, bring home these sweet drinks for you to enjoy and remember your adventure here in Perth.



Margaret River is known as the “Humpback Highway” of Australia because dozens of whales pass by the area and settle for a few moments in Geographe and Flinders Bays. The beautiful and healthy underwater ecosystem serves as a sanctuary for these whales whenever they are in this region of the world.

busselton jetyIf you can’t get enough of whale watching, then go and visit the Underwater Observatory to see more of the diverse marine life that the river has to offer. Checkout Busselton Jetty and walk the longest wooden pier in the region. You can also climb the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse and be where two oceans meet.

Go to the Boranup Karri Forest and take in the scenic view of the trees proudly lined and standing tall. Visit Lake Cave and the Mammoth Cave to see the history of Western Australia’s ecosystem especially since these caves are sites where fossils of extinct animals have been found.But if you want to see some live animals, visit the Eagles Heritage Wildlife Centre and the Sunflowers Animal Farm. You can even ride a horse and feed them at The Horse Resort.

But before you leave, watch the sunset over the Indian Ocean at the Surfer’s Point in Prevelly, and take home something sweet from the Margaret River Chocolate Company to bring home to your family and friends.


MaxiPortBess offer tour services to Perth-Fremantle, Swan Valley and Margaret River


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