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5 Ways to be a Tourist in your Hometown

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Have you ever offered to show your friends around your town but then realised you don’t know anything about your place apart from where you usually go? Well, most people don’t bother to go outside of their daily routine and therefore miss the opportunity to explore and appreciate their own hometown. Often, these people tend to be lonely since they feel trapped in whatever routine they find themselves in. But it’s not too late to change this feeling! Join MaxiPortBees as we bring you on a journey of rediscovering yourself by finding new experiences in your home. Here are 5 ways on how you can be a tourist in your hometown.




Go Out

go out bannerThe first step in being a tourist in your town is to go out. Whether this is leaving your home or the comfort of your daily routine, set aside a day where you can be a tourist in your own place. You may prepare for this day and search for things to do or places to visit, or you can just go where your heart takes you.

Once you step outside your home, walk a different path and see where it leads you. Take time to appreciate those little things that you don’t see every day. Walk an unfamiliar road and do not be afraid to enter little shops where you can find great treasures such as vintage collectables or some historical item from your town. Visit your local market and look at the different shops that line the place. Pay attention to the little nooks and crannies that you didn’t know you are passing by on your way to work. And if Perth perhaps is your hometown, MaxiPortBees provides a list of places to visit and things to do in this magnificent city and its surrounding suburbs.


Take a Local Transportation 

local train transpo photoWhether this is a train, a bus or a cab, take the local transportation where you can interact with other people and see your city in a different light. Try taking the public transportation to go to places you usually drive through, and you’ll discover a different perspective that may pick your interest or change your view or change your perception of your city.

But if you are a constant user of public transportation, make sure to take a different route or stop at a different destination. Do not be afraid to stray from your usual path. Appreciate the feeling of being lost and then discovering the place on your own by exploring and familiarising yourself with the different sights that you can go back to and activities you can do with your loved ones.

One of the perks of using the public transportation is that there are local to talk to. Listen to their stories and then share yours as well. Most often, journeys are made more comfortable when you talk to other people. Initiate a conversation, and you may find individuals who also crave for someone they can talk to. People often find talking to a stranger that they will never meet again, easier than talking to a friend or a loved one since judgement are suspended in the little space created with the stranger.  And perchance, you might also find someone who’s in the same situation like yours! Do not be afraid to make a friend especially if that person can accompany you in your rediscovery of your hometown.

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And if you want to take a less crowded and more convenient option, you can take a local cab and have the same experience as you’ll have when riding public transportation. Often, local cab drivers have a lot of stories to share especially if the ride is long. Do not be afraid to be friendly and converse with them, ask for their story and share a story about your life as well. Take advantage of the situation and ask for tips on where to go and places to visit since most cab drivers know hidden places that only the local people know exist.

In Perth, MaxiPortBees is one of the leading local transportation that can guide you through the city. MaxiPortBees Charter and Taxi Services have been serving in Perth and its neighbouring suburbs for about 10 years. We have experienced and reliable taxi drivers that can bring you to your destination. Recently, we have expanded our business to cater to more to the local scene by conducting private tours for those who want to experience Perth.


Eat Local Dishes and Try the Street Food 

street market photoThey say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. We believe that a way for anyone to fall in love with a place is through the lovely dishes they eat and the people that they eat with.

Making an effort to go out and search for new places to eat is a good step towards loving your city. Do not be afraid to explore the little restaurants that may seem unorganized or not-safe, for often, these are the ones which serve the best dish that really sends the taste of home. Try to get recommendations from people you pass by and from other diners in the place you’ve chosen. Expand your palate by trying street food, and you might be surprised with how you’ll enjoy not just the taste of food but the journey of searching for these and experiencing them on your own.

If you are in a city such as Perth, eating street food may come in the form of eating in local markets or out of the carts of street vendors. Appreciate the explosion of flavours and learn the story behind the food you are eating. Explore the market and search for local ingredients that you can bring home and try to recreate the dish that you’ve just tasted. There are endless possibilities you can try when it comes to local food especially when it influenced modern dishes.


Talk to the Locals 

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Talking to the locals is the best way to get to know your hometown. Whether this is someone you walk along the street with, you stand line with while waiting for food, or maybe your local taxi driver who’s taking you to places, try to engage in a conversation and you’ll be surprised by the many interesting stories people have about your hometown. In most cases, talking to the locals and hearing their stories will inspire you to reflect on your life and see what your home means to you. You may find that your conversion will flows freely, and may even realise that there is more in life you should appreciate especially in your hometown.

Do not be afraid to engage in a conversation. Every person has a different story that you can learn from or be inspired with. Just take a seat, enjoy the view and with no pressure, engage in a light conversation with the person seated next to you. In time, you’ll then find joy in talking to other people and appreciating these small moments.


Spend time in nature 

nature tour photoNothing brings you closer to your home than by being one with nature. There’s a certain charm in walking along a path surrounded by plants and overlooking a body of water. It’s a place where you can sightsee, but it can also be a place for reflection and self-realisation. Close your eyes, spread your arms, feel the air and take a deep breath to clear your mind. Take a deep breath and let your mind wander. Listen to the gush of wind, the chirps of the birds and the waves of the ocean, and appreciate the little things that your home has to offer.

Yes, you can always go to your local park… But the best way to spend time with nature is by taking part in tours and excursions that surround you with the beauty of nature. If you are in Western Australia, MaxiPortBees offer tour services in Perth-Fremantle, Swan Valley and Margaret River. Pick from many popular destinations in the city, or you can also plan your own tour with us by customising your schedule and the locations you want to visit.


Go to sights you haven’t seen before, eat food you haven’t encountered before, and the best of all, go out of your comfort zone to talk to other locals and see what your hometown is like through their stories. If you do all of these, you just might fall in love with your town. And wherever you are in Perth, we are always there to bring you back to your home. We have cars and taxis in Aubin Grove, Banjup, Bibra Lake,  Byford, Canningvale, Cardup, Coogee, Fremantle, Hamilton Hill, Hammond Park, Harrisdale, Henderson, Jandakot, Kardinya, Munster, Murdoch, Piarawaters, South Lakes, Spearwood, Success, Wandi, Whitby, and Yangebup. 

Allow MaxiPortBees to be your guide as you tour your hometown!